New Enhancements and APIs to Sync, Search and Share Your Certify System Data

New Enhancements and APIs to Sync, Search and Share Your Certify System Data

The holidays are over. And as we collectively emerge from our vacation slumber to advance the agenda of the new year, your friends at Certify have just a few more goodies to share with you. Nothing too high calorie here, only some great product enhancements and additions to our leading travel and expense management platform that will surely help you and your team start 2018 off right.

First up, we've expanded your accounting toolbox with new fields across several available Certify API methods. Choose everything from submitted and posting date to initial approver email, all ready to go at your command. Next, we've added an application programming interface parameter query for GET/expensereports {batchid} that will quickly and securely return your data for batched expenses and expense reports. With an ever-growing number of API methods and enhancements available from Certify, your accounting platform and processes are sure to get a boost.

For more information on the new API fields and query updates you can always contact Certify support or check out our help center. Also, if you haven't read about our API methods or maybe need a refresher, you can get all the technical and necessary details anytime on our website. But don't go anywhere just yet. Coming soon, we'll have entirely new Certify API methods to share, plus a whole host of enhancements we're working for detailed meal attendees.

The yet-to-be released API methods will allow synchronization of department, expense category, employee general ledger dimensions, and expense general ledger dimensions. And these new methods will also be the first to allow real-time system synchronization of Certify data, making it even easier to manage and update your records anywhere, anytime.

For detailed meal attendees, while the enhancements are succinct enough we feel they'll deliver big savings when it comes to the time it takes to create and process expense reports. Things like reusable groups for individuals and administrators, and company/department-wide attendee search (and share) will cut down on data entry and reduce hassles for employees. And specifically for administrators, we're also adding a bulk upload tool to help with import and management of detailed meal attendees and groups that are not in the Certify system as company employees.

With enhancements and additions like these, it's easy to see why we think 2018 is off to a great start. Again, current customers can contact support or check out the help center anytime for more information about any of the enhancements described here. If you're not yet a Certify customer, contact us today to find out all the ways Certify makes travel and expense easy for businesses of every size.