The How-to Guide for Building a Corporate Travel Policy

The How-to Guide for Building a Corporate Travel Policy

It has become clear that business travel is a complex and expensive process, but a necessary investment in today's business world. In fact, the U.S. companies are projected to spend over $290 billion dollars on T&E in 2017. And as a company that is contributing to that $290 billion spend, Certify understands it's important to save as much as possible. While saving money is great, the reality is that business travel is a core piece of any company's arsenal, despite its cost and complexity.

Now, while trying to orchestrate a successful business trip for a group of employees is complex, trying to manage all the business travel that is conducted within a company is even more complicated. The task of dictating to a large group of business travelers what is a reasonable rate for a hotel or for airfare sounds like a major headache, right? This is where the corporate travel policy comes into play.

Implementing a travel policy within your company, will clearly outline the booking process, what is covered and how to report expenses. Sounds easy enough, right? That's where we come in. Certify has recently put together a how-to guide for building your own corporate travel policy, Developing Effective Corporate Travel Policy: The Keys to Managing Employee Expenses and Compliance. We understand this is a complicated and delicate process, and it's also quite important for your organization to get it right. By reading through this guide, you will better understand some of the steps to take when building your own corporate travel policy, including how to:
  • Assess your current travel booking process
  • Identify the organizational needs of the travel policy
  • How to introduce the new policy to employees
  • Determine a budget for business travelers
  • Detail what expenses are eligible for reimbursement by your company
  • Cover what travel expenses are not covered under your policy
  • Outline the expense reporting and reimbursement process
  • Highlight any legal responsibilities for the traveler or the company

We know the task of building a corporate travel policy is not necessarily an easy or fun process. So, we won't lie to you: its not likely going to be the easiest part of your week (or quarter, realistically). Building a policy requires a lot of research, communication and effort on your part, but the benefits will be immense for your company. By using this guide, we hope that the process will be a bit smoother for you and your co-workers.

Want to learn more about building a travel policy for your company? Check out the full eBook here. To see what Certify has to offer, check out Certify Travel or talk to a sales representative today.