Certify Headline Roundup: Mergers, Acquisitions and SpendSmart™ Edition

Certify Headline Roundup: Mergers, Acquisitions and SpendSmart™ Edition

There has been a lot of activity here at Certify as of late, and word has been getting around. We are very proud whenever we are recognized as one of the top products in travel and expense management or as thought leaders in the industry. So, we were thrilled to see that the media picked up on some of the big organizational moves we have made over the past few months.

We also recently released of our Q3 SpendSmart™ report, which we here at Certify are very excited to share with all of you. This past quarter showed a slight decline in Uber use for the first time since we began tracking ride-hailing data in our quarterly reports. This was a big revelation to us as it shows that business travelers are starting to think more about their travel choices. Well it seems we weren't the only ones excited about the results as a bunch of media outlets have picked up on the story as well.

Below are some of the top headlines covering our recent SpendSmart™ report release:
  • Forbes: Is Uber Slipping In The Ride-Hailing Market?
    A new study shows that Uber use among business travelers actually declined, with its share dropping from 55% of rides in Q2 to 54%... Read More
  • The Economist: Public-relations woes may be catching up with Uber
    Certify, an expense-management software company, has released its latest quarterly report on business-travel spending in America... Read More
  • PYMNTS.com: Uber Takes Unprecedented Dip In Business Travel, Says Certify
    For the first time since Certify began tracking the data, Uber's popularity with business travelers has declined... Read More
  • Yahoo Finance: Uber use has declined for the first time among business travelers
    For the first time, Uber use among business travelers dipped, according to Certify, which processes about 10 million expense reports for business travelers each quarter... Read More
  • CNBC: Lyft gains on Uber as ride-sharing runs past taxis in New York City
    The shift from taxis to ride-sharing companies may have hit a tipping point in New York City, while Lyft continues to show impressive growth... Read More

Now, while SpendSmart™ was certainly grabbing up headlines, we also had some major news regarding our company as we move towards 2018 as Certify has been at the center of some partnership, merger and acquisition news this year.
  • Accounting Today: Expense management software vendors combine to challenge Concur
    Four expense management software vendors—Certify, Nexonia, ExpenseWatch and Tallie—are merging into one company, after an investment firm, K1 Investment Management... Read More
  • PYMNTS.com: Certify Adds Another Industry Peer To Mega-Merger
    Certify is acquiring nuTravel in a deal that will see Certify able to launch a new solution using nuTravel technology called Certify Enterprise Travel... Read More
  • Marketwired: Certify Travel and Expense Management Goes Live With Lyft for Business
    Automated travel and entertainment expense management software provider, Certify, today announced a dynamic new integration with leading ride-hailing provider Lyft... Read More

As you can see, there was a lot of excitement and activity around Certify's new acquisitions and partners, as well as our SpendSmart™ report from this past quarter. We're excited to see what the next few months hold for both the market and our company. Remember to check back here for the latest Certify news, and swing back early next year for the fourth quarter results of Certify's SpendSmart™ report.