Certify Adds Lyft to its Growing List of Major Business Travel Partners

Certify Adds Lyft to its Growing List of Major Business Travel Partners

Just a few short years ago, no one could have predicted how ride-hailing services would turn out to be the biggest disruption to hit the corporate travel marketplace in recent memory. Yet, with taxi at just 10% of the overall ground transportation category for the first quarter of 2017, there's ample evidence the industry has not merely been disrupted by ride hailing's rise to the top, rather completely upended.

Of course, we've been monitoring the growth of ride hailing among business travelers via the¬†Certify SpendSmart™¬†Report for several years now, and along with industry analysts and major news media we've have been astounded by the trend. In fact, ride hailing made up 59% of all ground transportation expenses and receipts in the first quarter of 2017. And, along with taxi, SpendSmart data also suggests car rental services are beginning to feel the squeeze from ride hailing's unrivaled popularity.

So, with those kinds of results, when we had an opportunity to explore a dynamic new integration with leading ride-hailing provider Lyft, it was frankly a no-brainer. As the world's second largest provider of ride-hailing services, Lyft currently operates in more than 300 cities across the U.S. with new locations being added regularly. And Lyft riders love the app's ease, simplicity and user experience, which are much the same reasons why Certify users love Certify. It's what one might call synergy.

Leveraging the Lyft for Business platform, the integration with Certify means customers of both companies can quickly and securely complete ordering, payment and expense reporting for Lyft services more efficiently than ever before. Together with Lyft and Certify Mobile, receipts for business trips are kept separate from personal rides and automatically added to the user's Certify account once a transaction is processed. Next, Certify uploads the Lyft receipt into the customer's online expense report via the Certify Wallet, saving business travelers time and hassles in the reporting process.

Getting started is easy, too
Current customers can create their Lyft business profile with Lyft for Business simply by adding a work email to their account:

  • Go to Settings in your Lyft app
  • Tap Business Profile and confirm that the email address matches your work email
  • Tap Expense Management and select Certify

From there, all business ride receipts will be automatically forwarded to your Certify expense account. Users can also add a credit card their accounts to further streamline the expense report and reimbursement process. And with Lyft for Business, travelers and company administrators can access the Lyft platform and management portal 24 hours a day.

New to ride hailing? Don't worry, Lyft makes it easy to sign up in just a few steps. Not yet a Certify customer? Contact us today to find out how Certify makes travel and expense easy.