Upload Receipts to Certify with Ease

Upload Receipts to Certify with Ease

Here at Certify, we’re all about making expense reporting easy, for you and your team. That’s why we’ve listened to your requests, and have now made it possible to upload receipts from both the Certify Wallet and the Mini Wallet views. We’ve already heard how users love the ability to skip a step when uploading receipts, and we think you’ll appreciate this timesaving feature, too.

Here’s what it looks like to upload receipts from the Certify Wallet…
Upload Receipts to Certify with Ease - Screenshot 1

…and, the Mini Wallet.
Upload Receipts to Certify with Ease Screenshot 2

Either way, the uploading process becomes simpler and more intuitive, allowing you to get on with creating your expense reports. Of course, no single expense report is the same, so the methods that Certify users take to upload their expenses shouldn’t be either. Uploading from the Certify Wallet is just one more way to upload receipts to Certify, and one more way we’re streamlining the process for you and your team.

You may recall also that the Certify Wallet recently underwent some exciting graphic and user interface changes. With the new UX/UI, Certify users now are able to see the three most recent transactions on their homepage, making it really easy to quickly review what receipts and expenses have been added to their Certify Wallet. Also, users can now sort expense details by a variety of categories, including: date, amount, category, vendor and more. The new UX/UI, along with features like easy upload are just a few examples of how Certify strives to continuously improve the product, to make expense reporting even easier.

Accessible to users from both the web and Certify Mobile applications, the Certify Wallet and the Mini Wallet help to resolve the inefficiencies of a manual receipt reconciliation process. For accountants and administrators, these features allow for a communal platform to see which items have already been added to an expense report and which still need taking care of. As for users, this streamlined interface makes creating expense reports an intuitive, simple process.

Current Certify users and administrators with questions about uploading receipts to Certify can email support or speak to their account manager anytime. Not yet a Certify customer? Be sure to contact a representative to find out more.