Certify API Now Available

Certify API Now Available

Certify has introduced the Certify API to help Certify users and company administrators better connect programs running on multiple platforms. This important new addition allows you to build integrations that pull data directly from Certify. Plus, Certify RESTful APIs allow dedicated administrators and controllers to make calls directly to our API endpoints, without having to login and handle the data manually.

How it works:
Customer IT teams can set up the Certify API by contacting their dedicated account manager. Once an API has been enabled, client developer resources may configure the API for the client’s specific need, dedicated administrators will be provided with two tokens, called the API key and the API secret. The API key is a hashed code specific to your company, telling the Certify API exactly who is accessing the data. The API secret is a generated passcode that grants access to your Certify data. But, because these tokens provide access to a variety of private data, they should only be given to trusted company controllers and admins.

Once you’re into the system, there are now four, customizable methods to receive Certify data:
  • GET/expensereports: Returns a list of one or more processed expense reports
  • GET/expensereports/{id}: Returns a specific expense report associated with a supplied Expense Report ID
  • GET/expensereports/{id}/expenses: This method returns all expenses for the processed expense report associated with the supplied ID value
  • GET/expenses: Returns a list of one or more expenses
  • GET/expenses/{id}: Returns a specific expense associated with the supplied ID value

Each of these methods generates a list of field values, returning explicit information.

Free for Enterprise customers, and available to all Certify users, the Certify API allows administrators and controllers alike to enjoy a more efficient, seamless process of data retrieval. Current Certify customers and administrators with questions on expense report APIs can contact their dedicated account manager at any time. Not yet a Certify customer? Contact a representative to find out more.