Eliminate Late Expense Reports with Certify ReportExecutive™

Eliminate Late Expense Reports with Certify ReportExecutive™

Expense reports. Such a nightmare, right? It’s something that business travelers and accountants everywhere can agree on. And among the many frustrations of expense reporting, 51% of respondents in the 2017 T&E Trends Survey agree that employees failure to submit reports on time is the biggest pain point of the expense management process.

Now, imagine a world where your expense reports are automatically built for you. Sound far-fetched? Here at Certify, we don’t think so. That’s why we created ReportExecutive™ to automate the expense reporting process from end to end, including scheduling, building reports and sending email reminders for employees and approvers. Here’s how it works:

1. Schedule: Certify administrators can specify your ReportExecutive™ schedule, and when the report will be built. On this day, ReportExecutive will create your expense report by merging all of your receipts and expenses that are currently in your Certify Wallet. If you find your administrator hasn’t configured a schedule yet, you can create your own.

2. Remind: ReportExecutive™ provides administrators the opportunity to send email notifications to users, reminding them to get their receipts and expenses in their wallet.

3. Review: The user is then notified by e-mail with instructions to review their open expense report and make any necessary changes. Plus, this is the time to address any policy violations the system may have caught.

4. Submit: Once approved, the user can then easily submit their expense report for manager approval. And, voila! Just like that, the once dreadful expense reporting process is bygone.

With ReportExecutive™, late expense report submissions are a thing of the past. Automatically generated expense reports make the process a breeze for your entire company, and at a schedule that works best for you. Ready to find out more about Certify ReportExecutive™? Current Certify customers can email support, or contact their dedicated account manager at any time. Not yet a Certify customer? Be sure to contact a representative to find out more.