Say Goodbye to Receipt Clutter with Certify Wallet

Say Goodbye to Receipt Clutter with Certify Wallet

The often tedious process of reconciling receipts and expenses can be maddening for any business traveler. And when handling dozens of expenses at a time, the issue of lost receipts or entry errors seems to become inevitable. In fact, in Certify’s 2017 Expense Management Trends survey, a staggering 52% of respondents claimed that employees losing paper receipts proved as the biggest pain point in T&E.

That’s why Certify created the Certify Wallet, the easiest way to gather and organize your receipts and expenses. Each Certify user has access to their very own Certify Wallet, which is easily accessible from the homepage. Check it out, below:

Certify Wallet

When on the Certify Wallet page, the user has several options:
  • Upload: Directly upload a receipt in several ways, including: photo gallery, e-mail, receipt integration (Uber, Certify Travel and TripCase), credit card import and even fax.
  • Add to report: Select which expenses they want to add to your expense report.
  • Delete expenses: Delete one or multiple expenses by selecting the checkbox associated with the expense.
  • Merge: Choose to combine receipts and expenses in their Wallet, making it easier when reviewing credit card expenses.
Accessible to users from both the web and Certify Mobile applications, the Certify Wallet helps to resolve the inefficiencies of a manual receipt reconciliation process. For accountants and administrators, this feature allows for a communal platform to see which items have already been added to an expense report and which still need taking care of. As for users, this streamlined interface makes creating expense reports an intuitive, simple process.

Current Certify users and administrators with questions about the Certify Wallet can email support or speak to their account manager anytime. Not yet a Certify customer? Be sure to contact a representative to find out more.