Expense Management Software Showdown: Certify vs. Concur

Expense Management Software Showdown: Certify vs. Concur

Earlier this month, business software review site, G2 Crowd published a side-by-side comparison of leading expense management software vendors, Certify and Concur. And while both software platforms offer automated expense management, integrated travel and cloud-based accounts payable services, G2 Crowd reviewers deemed Certify the highest in overall user satisfaction.

G2 Crowd Expense Management Software Comparison: Certify vs Concur

Comparing a wide range of features and categories, this report can be a valuable tool for accounting professionals who are currently in the market for an expense management solution. The side-by-side presentation makes it easy to compare and contrast these solutions based on company needs. Check out the features used to benchmark the two solutions in the G2 Crowd’s Expense Management Software Comparison:

  • Overall satisfaction: Likelihood to recommend, ease of use, ease of admin, meets requirements, average contract length and review breakdown
  • Support: User adoption, quality of support, platform: mobile support, platform: performance and reliability, ease of set up, and time to go-live
  • Expense reporting: report creation, digital receipt capture, integrations, currency conversions, etc.
  • Travel booking: ease of booking, itinerary management, trip notifications
  • AP invoice: invoice creation and electronic payments

With 4.7 out of 5 stars, Certify outdid the competition in every category of the product comparison. And while we went up against one of the leading competitors in the industry, we couldn’t be more proud to be named: the most likely to recommend, the easiest to use, the easiest to administer, and the most effective at meeting requirements. In addition to comparing Certify and Concur through a range of categories, the report also identifies other aspects such as historical awards won, the breakdown of reviewer demographics and more.

We get it, implementing a new software can be a scary process. But with the help of review sites like G2 Crowd, you can be sure that the recommendations you’ll receive are from real users of each system, and that you’ll be making an informed decision based on thousands of suggestions. So whether you’re just beginning to look to automation, if you’re in the process of adoption or you’re looking to switch solutions, be sure to download the full G2 Crowd Expense Management Software Comparison to compare the two category-leading solutions.

About G2 Crowd

This trusted software review site leverages more than 115,000 user reviews to help make purchasing decisions even easier across a multitude of different software categories. Because reviews come only from real users, all of the ratings in the Certify Product Comparison: Winter 2017 are completely unbiased. And the side-by-side results help those in the market for an expense management solution better purchasing insight.