The Sunset of the Classic Certify UX/UI

The Sunset of the Classic Certify UX/UI

The wait is officially over, and the word is out. We’re pleased to announce the sunset of the classic Certify user experience, and the switch to the new, optimized Certify UX/UI. As you may know, this updated experience and graphic interface is a result of nearly 18 months of research and collaboration between a top-tier UX design firm and Certify’s in-house design team. So, guided by defined user personas and customer feedback, the Certify team has made improvements that we think will exceed user’s expectations.

“The most important part of any UX design is user persona definitions.” said Certify Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Alan Neveu. “Our research and analysis identified four personas that account for 95 percent of Certify end users. Optimizing the layout and workflows for these personas allowed us to be sure we have designed a winning system, rather than just applying stylistic or artistic changes. Getting the user experience right is about research, analysis and best practices, and with this update we are excited to continue to deliver on the promise of travel and expense made easy.”

Since October 1st, Certify users have had the ability to toggle back and forth between the old and new experiences. So, for the past few months, we have been actively listening and making the new experience even better. And on January 15th, the Certify experience permanently switched over to the new interface.

What does this mean for you and your team? After the sunset date, users will no longer be able to switch to the classic experience. But don’t worry, because with such an intuitive homepage, the improved layout is clear and easy to understand.

We get that change can be scary, but the Certify team has compiled trainings on the new interface. Plus, we have included trainings on the new Certify Wallet as well. So, if you find yourself stuck at any point, go ahead and check out these resources, or as always, contact your dedicated account manager at anytime. Not yet a Certify customer? Contact a representative today and find out more.