The “Weirdest” Reviews from Certify SpendSmart

The “Weirdest” Reviews from Certify SpendSmart

Business traveler vendor ratings and reviews are important tools for helping companies understand the purchase behaviors and preferences of their traveling employees. These same ratings also help vendors measure their performance and make adjustments as necessary. Of course, reviews also help fellow business travelers to make informed decisions about their expense purchases when on the road.

Fortunately, Certify’s SpendSmart engine helps to consolidate these reviews by collecting data on the most recent business expense and vendor ratings.

Based on a five-star system, SpendSmart provides analysis of vendors, spending trends and satisfaction ratings from millions of receipts and expenses. However crazy the reviews may be, most offer an honest and straightforward assessment on just about any vendor imaginable. Now and again, it’s always entertaining to re-visit reviews that leave us both confused, yet intrigued. Like these bizarre ones below.

Check out these 5 “weird” reviews, directly from the Certify SpendSmart vault:

1. Weird Water
“Decent food. Water tasted weird so ordered bottled water.”
-Bottled in Babcock FL

2. Bonus Points Awarded
“Good sushi selection downstairs, karaoke upstairs. Bonus points for all the weird Korean boy band videos.”
-Pleased Patron in Philly

3. 5 Second Rule
“It took a long time and I had to eat as I boarded, dropped my sandwich and blew it off…Got weird looks when I ate it…”
-Scrambling for Sandwiches in St. Paul

4. Strange Grub
“Food is weird for the sake of being weird.”
-Displeased diner, Dallas

5. Aside from the Wax
“Found wax and other weird stuff in my water glass. Other than that, this was very tasty, and had great service.”
-Blitheful Business Traveler in Baltimore

So, while we know reviews are subjective, it’s no question that SpendSmart rankings give managers and employees a handy tool when planning travel.

Want to find out what other crazy reviews business travelers have to offer? Check out the Certify SpendSmart™ Report, or login to share your reviews.