2016 Expense Management Trends for Small Business and the Enterprise

2016 Expense Management Trends for Small Business and the Enterprise

Managing travel and entertainment expense reporting can be a challenge for companies large and small. While the internal pressures, pain points and goals for improvement may differ, often the solution for both small business and enterprise companies can be found among the features and benefits of an automated expense management system.

Based on results from the 2016 Expense Management Trends report with data and analysis from more than 500 CFOs, controllers and accounting professionals, Certify uncovered the top trends and leading expense management practices currently used by small, mid-sized and enterprise organizations (non-customers). The two infographics presented below provide an exclusive look at the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, as well as those for enterprise companies with employee headcount of 1,000 or more.

A critical finding for small business; fully 70% manage expense reporting with some form of a manual process using pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets or a homegrown system. For more insight into small business expense management trends, click or tap the image below to view the full infographic now.

2016 Small Business Trends Infographic

As employee headcount and expense reporting complexities grow, more enterprise companies are making the switch to a fully automated expense management system like Certify. Click or tap the image below to review the full infographic including top system features, trends and unexpected benefits experienced by enterprise companies today.

2016 Enterprise Trends Infographic

For more information and complete analysis of the results, download the 2016 Expense Management Trends white paper now.