5 “strange” (but true) reviews from Certify SpendSmart™

5 “strange” (but true) reviews from Certify SpendSmart™

Online reviews and vendor rankings are an invaluable tool for consumers and companies alike. To help business travelers and employers make more informed decisions about airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rental companies and more, we created Certify SpendSmart™—a simple and fully searchable feature with tens of thousands of customer satisfaction reviews from real Certify users.

SpendSmart™ reviews are based on a five-star rating system, and users have the option to provide open-ended comments about their experience. Good, bad or indifferent, most reviews offer a fair and straightforward assessment of just about anything you could imagine. Every now and then we see some reviews that leave us wanting more, and others that just leave us scratching our heads. Like the recently discovered gems below.

Check out these 5 “strange” but true reviews, courtesy of Certify SpendSmart:

1. Would you prefer them alive?
“Okay food. Strange dead stuffed animals everywhere.”
—Indecisive in Michigan

2. Time traveler
“Possibly the strangest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. It’s like a tiny, compressed future.”
—Present-day New York City hotel guest

3. Can’t get enough of a good thing
“Strange atmosphere, good food. Too much blue cheese on everything.”
—Delighted Iowa diner

4. Perplexing patriotism
“Great BBQ. The sides are wonderful. At noon everything stopped and the national anthem was played and sung. I found that odd.”
—Muddled in Maryland

5. Practical ridesharing advice
“Use Lyft if you’re feeling sociable, use Uber if you don’t feel like talking to strangers.”
—Lonesome traveler, San Francisco

So, while beauty—and strangeness—is very much in the eye of the beholder, Certify SpendSmart can offer travelers valuable, unbiased perspective on the hotels, restaurants and services they use the most.

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