Streamline Your Expense Reporting Process From Start-to-Finish with Certify

Streamline Your Expense Reporting Process From Start-to-Finish with Certify

Productivity is one of the top concerns at offices across the country. As more distractions come in every day - the constant need to answer emails, for example - it's common for employees to find themselves spending more time than ever on menial tasks, as opposed to on major products. One of those menial tasks is completing expense reports. Expense management is a necessity for a variety of reasons - for reimbursements, for company records and more - yet, there's no excuse for employees wasting hours of each week completing the task.

With automated expense management, however, they won't have to. Programs such as Certify simplify the expense reporting process by making every step digital, and by storing each piece of information in the cloud. Employees will never again find themselves wasting hours at home digging up a lost receipt - and accountants will never again be forced to resolve a request for reimbursement that violates company policy. From the creation of the reports themselves to the issuing of reimbursement, automated software makes expense management an extremely fast process, as opposed to a time-consuming task.

Mobile support helps to make expense management an easily-completed process
One of the reasons expense management has always created productivity issues for businesses is because employees are forced to provide so many documents and complete so much data entry. When completing an expense report manually, employees need to dig up every receipt involved with their purchases, they need to cross-check those receipts against company policies, they need to ascertain and re-type every piece of pertinent information on the receipts and more. This process eats up an extraordinary amount of time - time that would be better spent working on the assignments and tasks that employees were actually hired to complete.

With mobile support for expense management - such as the smartphone applications offered in conjunction with Certify's program - employees won't waste another moment preparing their expense reports. Instead, all they have to do is use a digital camera to take a picture of their receipt, and then upload that receipt into Certify's cloud-based expense management database. The program will then automatically obtain all the relevant information from the image, such as the extent of the charge, the day on which it occurred and much more.

All this information is then entered into the employee's personal expense report, which is published on the day selected by company executives. So, with Certify, there's no need to save receipts, nor to manually enter the data from them - in fact, employees don't even need to publish their own reports! By automating these steps, the entire expense management process is automated on behalf of the employee - freeing up more time for them to work on the projects that require their personal expertise.

Automated expense reporting also allows for easy publication, resolutions and reimbursements
Programs like Certify even make things easier for company accountants. For example, they will no longer have to resolve requests for reimbursements that violate company policy: Certify's program will automatically notify employees that their charges incurred violations before the expense report is ever published, saving time for the individuals who need to vet the ensuing costs.

With Certify, every single step of the expense reporting process is simplified: for employees, for accountants and as a result, for executives. If your employees are spending their time completing manual expense reports, then your company is footing the bill for the time spent. With automated technology, however, employees will never have to dedicate such time to receiving reimbursements again.

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