Small Businesses Can Go Global with Cloud Technology

Small Businesses Can Go Global with Cloud Technology

For small businesses, the digital revolution has put the whole world within grasp. With online stores, mobile technology, and an increasing worldwide reliance on cross-border trading, even the smallest service can expand toward a truly global operation.

Certify's global expense management software better allows you and your employees to make this transition. When traveling, there's no easier way to log your expenses. Certify's software allows an individual to log a cost with one click of a smartphone - take a quick picture of your receipt, and our automated software will quickly update your overall expenses spreadsheet.

It's also optimized for use in a global business market, as our expense management tools offer over 60 different language options and numerous currencies, with implementations and translations made easy. We're even prepared to help you adapt to small cultural shifts: the receipt management software is hardwired to format numbers, dates, and currency amounts to whatever locale you're currently operating out of. It's just another element of the business world constantly evolving, allowing you to turn your mom-and-pop corner shop into a worldwide retailer.

Cloud technology helps small businesses break into the global marketing
Certify's wireless expense management software is optimized and driven by cloud technology - you can update your reports, anytime you want, from anywhere you want, and managers can access the data at any point. You can upload an image of a receipt in Europe, and moments later, in America, your manager could access our server to approve the cost.

John Mason, writing for IBM's Smarter Planning blog, argues that cloud technology is the primary tool allowing small and medium size businesses to expand at rapid rates. Considering the 6.8 billion subscribers to mobile devices across the world, and the skyrocketing profits derived from online shopping, he predicts that always-connected technologies will allow stagnant businesses to achieve large expansions. He also argued for the necessity of strong technologies with proven track-records.

"Too many smaller businesses focus only on the 'front end' of the mobile experience – what the interface looks like, where the mobile app resides, for which mobile operating system it is available, etc," he wrote. "It is just as important to remember the 'back end' of the experience - data security, privacy, and analytics."

Certify's expense management software will help you go global - and it's protected by a number of world-class security technologies, ensuring that you, and your business, are well prepared to venture further out into the worldwide marketplace.

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