Travel Expense Reporting For Small Businesses

Travel Expense Reporting For Small Businesses

Many feel that extensive expense reporting efforts are only necessary for large businesses and corporations. However, small businesses can benefit from expense reporting software just as much, if not more, than larger companies can. No matter how much your business spends on a monthly basis - on travel or any other expenditure - it's absolutely necessary that you have complete knowledge and control over each dollar spent.

Even the smallest mistake can complicate your business' attempt to maintain a consistent budget. With the automated expense report management applications offered by Certify, you can do so without having to input expense information manually.

Few small businesses have the resources needed to dedicate an entire department to receipt management and expense tracking. Therefore, many managers and workers are left handling the tasks themselves. However, it can be extremely troublesome being forced to collect and maintain receipts while out on a business trip - and it may be even more challenging to organize them, ensure they don't conflict with company policies and issue reimbursements. With the help of Certify's software, business owners will never have to do this manually again.

Automating the expense report process
By automating the creation and publication of your company's expense reports, you make the receipt management process easier for all of your employees. Using Certify's software doesn't just make the creation of the actual reports simpler - it allows your employees to log their costs in a much more efficient manner than they have been manually.

Certify's mobile application allows your employees to record their incurred expenditures by simply taking a picture of the related receipts with their mobile phones. The receipt - and the information it contains - is then loaded into our virtual expense reporting software, with the data stored into our cloud-based backup system.

This allows your employees to log their costs without having to spend their time saving and organizing tiny bits of paper - and it gives you the chance to keep an eye on their costs as they occur in real time. Whether you're a manager, a traveling employee or an accountant at a small business, the software offered by Certify can make your job much easier.

An affordable option for small businesses
Thanks to Certify, small businesses can now afford to use the same automated expense report software employed by large, multi-national organizations. Our software is available to all managers no matter the size of their businesses. And for small companies, the pricing is determined by the number of users who will be operating accounts on the software, allowing even the smallest businesses to gain a cost-effective means toward installing expense report software.

Small businesses who sign up for Certify's expense report management plan receive almost all of the same programs as do the largest organizations: linked mobile applications, live user report, support for more than 140 different currencies and the RecieptParse program, among many other features. Small businesses also receive pre-recorded training support, live customer service options and the ability to sync their records to QuickBooks.

Owners of small businesses are constantly forced to compute their expense reports manually, from collecting receipts to cross-checking policies to making reimbursements on their own. With the help of Certify's software, they can ensure the process never takes up that much time again. Certify's expense management applications can make life easier for everyone working at your small business and for an extremely low cost.

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