Training Made Easy: Certify Training Options

Training Made Easy: Certify Training Options

Learning to use Certify’s automated travel and expense management software is easy. At Certify, we understand and appreciate that different people have different learning styles: some prefer visual instruction, others prefer live instruction, and still others prefer hands-on instruction. That’s why we offer a variety of different methods to ensure that your employees are Certify experts within just a few days of using our software.

Live Webinars
Your employees can receive live online user training thanks to the sessions hosted by Certify staff. Our software has a large number of features - and learning to use all of them can feel like a challenge. But with the help of our implementation staff, your team will be successfully using Certify in no time at all.

Our sessions are separated into 'Employee' and 'Manager' classes, so that we can efficiently educate Certify users about the specific tasks they will be performing. Tasks range from how to capture receipt data using a mobile phone, to how a manager can oversee the travel budget for a specific department.

Our online training service will be presented while you configure Certify into your system, giving employees the perfect opportunity to become familiar both with our program and your expense policies. Certify offers fully customized training presentations for employees at any level of your business. Whatever you need to know about the expense report management process, our team can teach you.

Video Training
Certify also provides pre-recorded training videos for all program users in our online support portals. These "how-to" clips are available on-demand for all of your employees. So, if there’s a training topic they missed, they can simply visit our online support portal and search for the specific topic they want to review.

Onsite Training
Do your employees prefer to learn hands-on? Certify staff provides onsite training services at your facility! If you prefer to have live training for your team, then onsite training may be the option for you. Certify staff can show your employees how to make the best use of your new automated expense report management software through live demonstrations and onsite assistance.

If you're migrating to automated expense report management for the first time, you will want to ensure that your team makes the transition smoothly. There's no better way to make sure this happens than to have a Certify implementation team on hand to show your employees the many ways they can all benefit from automated expense reporting.

Dependable Support
Despite all the training solutions, it's fair to expect that you'll have a question eventually. If you do need assistance, simply call a Certify Support staff member. They can assist you with any questions you may have.

You can benefit from automated expense report management software, without worrying about the difficulties of installation and implementation. Regardless of your learning style, we ensure that you and your employees will be using Certify like old pros in no time.

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