Sunshine Act Compliance with Certify

Sunshine Act Compliance with Certify

The Sunshine Act requires medical professionals to begin logging and reporting all transactions between themselves and other individuals within their industry. This new law was passed to help to give the American public a more transparent image of the medical industry. However, it could cause problems for those who have not kept detailed financial records in the past - or to those who worry that they'll find themselves unable to fill out the government's mandated forms in time for deadlines.

Cancer Genetics, Inc. is a company that develops products and services in molecular diagnostics that are tailored to the genetic profile of specific individuals. The company had been struggling with a paper-based expense report processes for years, and needed an automated system - one that offered mobile functionality - so that their employees could file expenses while out in the field.

"The old process was onerous for both the accounting team and the sales people," says Partha Mittra, director of IT at Cancer Genetics. "That [the Sunshine Act] was going to be very difficult with our manual system and we also couldn't run any reports."

Certify's NPI integration support - along with the ability to parse receipts for necessary data through images uploaded via their mobile phones - made Certify a perfect fit for Cancer Genetics. Certify also assisted the Genetics team with integration of the mobile application with the NPI software integration. They file their expenses through their mobile phones, and use an NPI look-up feature to enter the specific numbers connected to the physicians involved immediately.

Better yet, the support offered by Certify prevented the employees at the office from ever struggling with the software, even though it was new to them.

"I was surprised we didn't have to do much training," said Mittra. "We just put up a simple webinar on our website and employees have also been accessing the Certify videos if needed."

Automated NPI support was critical for Cancer Genetics: more than 50 percent of their expenses are generated by NPI-reportable salespeople. Yet that's not the only benefit the company has been afforded on account of Certify.

"It's taking our AP minutes to process the monthly expenses, instead of hours." said Mittra.

So if your company is struggling with the Sunshine Act, Certify has the solution. Certify makes reporting medical costs as easy as clicking a few buttons on your mobile phone.

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