Certify is a complete solution for your expense reporting problems

Certify is a complete solution for your expense reporting problems

Normally, when you outsource a business task to another firm or purchase a program to help complete it, you expect part of the difficulties of handling that task to be alleviated. However, rarely can you find a program or firm that can single-handedly complete an entire process on your behalf. Yet, that's true of Certify: if you make use of our top-level expense report management software, your employees will never have to report their expenditures manually ever again.

Certify's ReportExecutive program simplifies every step of the expense and reimbursement process for your entire company. It doesn't merely make one part of the task easier for you to complete - it makes the entire process take a matter of mere moments. Certify helps you every step of the way, from documenting expenses themselves to receiving your reimbursements.

Completing your expense reports manually is a burden - for your traveling employees, for your accountants and for your business in general. Yet, when you employ the help of Certify, you're doing more than merely lifting a burden. You're gaining a partner in your business - a program that will help you operate more efficiently and make more money.

What Certify does for you
Certify simplifies each individual process involved with reporting costs and receiving expenditures. First off, it allows business administrators to create a company-wide schedule for when expenses will be reported and published. Your employees will be digitally loading their expenses throughout the time period - all they need to do so is to take a picture of the related receipts. When the selected day arrives, Certify will merge all these expenditures and receipts into one unified expense report.

This will aid you immeasurably in better organizing your company's budgets and expense reporting process. Your employees, additionally, will be thrilled by the easier-than-ever ways to report their costs. Never again will they have to fumble about with receipts or endlessly organize expense-related documents during their valuable time out of the office. Now, they simply take a picture of the receipts related to their expenses using a mobile device, and allow Certify's software to do all the work for them.

By automating every step of the process, Certify can ensure that your employees are always in the loop as it regards to their expenses. When they have a publishing day upcoming, our system will remind them to review the receipts hosted in their digital wallet. If any of their reported expenditures inadvertently violates your company policy, our program will warn them. When it's time to submit the report for approval, our program will even prompt them to give it one last look-over before submitting the expenses.

If you ever have any problems, our team will even be there to help. The Certify support staff is renowned for its ability to help businesses in any sector troubleshoot through whatever expense reporting problems they may encounter.

You'll be completing the process easier than ever before
Once you begin making use of Certify, the expense report process will drift into the back of your mind, because our software will be doing all the work on the behalf of your business. Still, you'll notice the improvements immediately: your finance team will be able to divert their attention to tasks that more fully require their expertise, your employees will become more productive during their business trips and your company will quickly find itself saving significant amounts of budgeting funds. Certify doesn't just help you complete your expense reports - it helps you get your business running to its full potential.