Preparing for the Sunshine Act

Preparing for the Sunshine Act

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act has already affected many U.S. drug and medical device manufacturers. Because this regulation requires these businesses to report gifts and payments made to physicians and teaching hospitals with a value totaling $100 or more, or risk substantial fines, numerous firms want to ensure that they comply with federal guidelines.

Sunshine Act compliance software can provide significant value to firms of all sizes. The solution features world-class tools that can make it easier for companies to submit accurate reports on time.

MedCity News points out that many firms are thinking strategically about Sunshine Act provisions. Companies that fail to meet federal guidelines risk fines up to $1 million per year, so immediate compliance is important for many businesses nationwide.

Thankfully, Sunshine Act receipt management solutions allow users to benefit from a simple, manageable system. Certify enables supervisors to track and report on all National Provider Identifier (NPI) expense data at once.

With Certify, users can link several physicians to a single expense, review an NPI database that is updated monthly and much more. In fact, the system also features mobile tools, enabling businesses to track expenses on the go.

Certify Mobile is a unique application that allows users to speed up the expense reporting process. This app enables businesses to create and edit expense details on their smartphones and tablets, providing significant value to help numerous staff members.

Federally required reporting is quick and simple with Certify. Sunshine Act compliance software allows companies to track what they spend by various categories and is a first-rate solution that can help many businesses. Depend on Certify to get up-to-the-minute reporting on all physician payments and create accurate reports to comply with Sunshine Act provisions.