Effectively manage business operating costs with expense reporting software

Effectively manage business operating costs with expense reporting software

Expense reporting software can help companies of all sizes, including those that might have once struggled to control their operating costs. While business expenses can add up quickly, world-class software enables team members to keep track of their charges and submit accurate materials to company officials.

For example, a May 2013 Certify survey showed that 50 percent of company administrators are looking for simplified processes with expense management solutions. Additionally, researchers found that 40 percent of business leaders want mobile access from these platforms.

"Our survey tells us that companies are struggling with inefficient processes, such as employees submitting incomplete reports, delaying approval and reimbursement," Certify chief executive officer Robert Neveu said. "When companies adopt cloud and mobile expense management systems, those pain points disappear."

Certify helps company officials quickly and securely manage business expenses at any time. In fact, these leaders can also use smartphones and camera-enabled tablets to snap photos of receipts and report operating costs without delay.

Meanwhile, Certify can have far-flung effects on organizations. Companies that adopt the solution can reduce the amount of time they spend completing expense reports, save money and help employees become more productive and efficient.