Certify InstantAudit

InstaAudit on desktop


Help users learn your organization’s spend policy and allow approvers to uncover potentially fraudulent behavior. Certify InstantAudit offers real-time compliance reviews for every submitted expense.

Expense Screening Made Easy

Keep your approvers and auditors focused on expenses that need attention—without interrupting the rhythm of your organization.

  • Direct your audit team's focus to the non-policy compliant spend
  • Automatically screen every submitted expense
  • Effortlessly educate users on spend policy
  • Avoid maverick spend and unnecessary overpayments
  • Prevent non-policy compliant expenses from being processed


Implementation Support Team
Instant Evaluation

All expenses are screened on submission by the audit engine, without the need to send files or run additional programs.

Self Service Implementation
Flag Possible Infractions

Violations are identified by InstantAudit and displayed on the approval and auditor levels according to your preference.

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Data Security

Because InstantAudit is an in-app configuration, all the data stays inside our secure server.

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Overcome Approver Apathy

Reduce the amount of manual time needed to audit expenses and empower your approvers with real-time compliance guidance.

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Improve Spend Culture

Customize your audit rules and create exceptions for specific users, departments, or categories to help shape and improve spend culture.