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Discover the key considerations for evaluating travel payment methods.

Learn best practices for closing the knowledge gap on the true cost of payment methods.

Find out how CFOs can foster collaboration, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency.

Get the report and learn the future of expense management payment options, compliments of Certify.

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Client Case Studies

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GPS Technology Leader Loses Paper, Hones in on Expense Automation

Company: Garmin
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Company Chooses To Switch to Certify From Previous Complicated System

Industry: Insurance Provider
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Certify To Save Employees Time While Reducing Overall Expense Management Costs by 50%

Industry: Agricultural Food Manufacturer
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The Move to 100% Electronic Expense Management with Certify

Industry: Railway Supply Industry
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Certify's Easy to Use System Proves to Save Managers Time & Resources

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturer
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Quickly Expanding Company Outgrows Microsoft Excel, Moves to Automation

Industry: Software
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Recorded Webinars

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2018 Expense Management Trends: How Will They Affect Your Company

With so many expense solutions available today, you may be surprised to learn that 49 percent of organizations...
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2018 T&E Trends and Benchmarks to Improve Spend Management

This webinar shares exclusive new data on T&E spending and provide proven strategies for getting the greatest return... View webinar recording

Leveraging Automation to Streamline Expense Management

Learn how mobile technologies are transforming corporate travel and expense reporting, strategies to simplify expense management....
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Expense Management Pain Points & How to Fix Them

Expense management is a critical function, but it can be challenging for the finance team and travelers to efficiently compile and process expense reports and ensure compliance.
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Stop Fraud in its Tracks: How automated expense management can make employee fraud a thing of the past

How often do you have to track employees down to validate suspicious expenses? Have you ever calculated how much time expense policing is costing you? View webinar recording

Effective T&E Expense Management: A Million Dollar Value Proposition

Join us to discover how companies of all sizes are leveraging technology to establish visibility, benchmark costs and expenses...
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Expense Management in 2018: Planning for Success

The latest webinar from Surgent and Certify shows you what other companies like yours are facing in the AP invoice process...
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Ride-Hailing Rises with Business Travelers

Ride-Hailing Report for SpendSmart Q1 2018...
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Top 10 Craziest Expenses of 2017

You've heard the stories. Lavish entertainment spending, exquisite fine dining and other unchecked...
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2017 Year in Review

Continued growth and economic strength across sectors made 2017 an exciting year...
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Shifting Ground in US Business Travel

While taxi and car rental continue to decline, ground transportation data from the Certify SpendSmart™ for Q3 2017 indicates a new shift...
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On the Road: How Business Travelers Get from A to B

Midway through 2017 and ride-hailing’s growth among business travelers shows little signs of slowing...
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2017 Expense Management Trends for the Enterprise

As companies continue to grow in size, they may find that the once viable process of manual expense management is too much...
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White Papers, eBooks & Reports

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A CFO’s Guide to Expense Payment Methods

Many companies rely on corporate credit cards to manage employee travel and spend...
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G2Crowd Report Spring 2018

G2 Crowd Expense Management Research Report – Spring 2018...
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The ROI of Travel and Entertainment Expense Report Automation

This whitepaper shows how T&E expense report automation pays for itself...
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Developing Effective Corporate Travel Policy

This ebook outlines the keys to managing employee expenses and compliance...
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Building Your Case for Automated T&E Expense Reporting

Get the information you need to win support and secure investment for cloud-based expense management at your company, detailed in ten easy steps....
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Understanding the AP Landscape: Trends and Benchmarks for 2017

Certify surveyed over 300 accounts payable professionals to reveal the top benchmarks and trends of 2017...
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Interactive Content

Calculating Your Expense Management Costs Worksheet

A worksheet to help calculate the cost of your current expense management system and estimate the savings of switching to an automated process.
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How Do You Stack Up? Quiz

Find out how your current expense management system compares to other top companies.
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Calculating Your Expense Management Costs

Find out how your current expense management system compares to other top companies.
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SpendSmart™ Benchmark Calculator

Find out how your current expense management system compares to other top companies.
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