Policy Compliance

Enforce corporate travel policies with Certify Travel

Whether your company has a lot of rules or just a few, Certify ensures that employees are compliant whenever they are booking a trip.

To set it up, accounting enters the rules into the online system, including exceptions. For instance, let's say your company has a policy that employees cannot book airfare for more than $100 over the cheapest fare. This prevents overspending and policy violations, yet also gives employees some flexibility.

Certify Travel Flagged Policy

It's not easy (or fun) to decide whether to reimburse employees for out-of-policy expenses. Using Certify, you can avoid difficult conversations between managers and employees when expense reports are filed. Plus, employees don't have to worry about what they can or can't do -- the system takes care of that for them.

Even better, managers receive pre-trip notifications from Certify when an employee books travel. That way, if something doesn't look right, the manager can cancel the trip within the first 24-hours of booking and the company receives a full refund of all travel fares, including airfare.

Savvy accountants may also want to review travel expense metrics periodically, to keep tabs on company spending. Certify’s reporting tools show detailed views of travel expense by category, vendor and employee, across any time period. If a category looks too high compared with previous quarters, you can look into it right away.

To set up your travel policies within Certify Travel, contact a sales representative at 1-888-925-0510 or email sales@certify.com

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