Now, corporate travel is even easier

Certify Travel 2.0

Now, corporate travel is even easier

Introducing Certify Travel 2.0, your end-to-end corporate travel solution to simplify bookings for employees while helping your company manage travel practices and costs. All for one low monthly fee and no booking fees!

Certify Travel is easy to use, yet it is also a powerful enhancement to your company’s expense management system.

The Certify Travel 2.0 Advantage

  • Low monthly fee instead of per-use fees
  • The best possible rates—even carrier sales!
  • Pre-trip approvals based on corporate travel policy
  • “Lowest logical fares” applied for flexibility
  • Apply your corporate rates for air, hotel and car
  • Custom travel restrictions from your company policies
  • Integrated travel and expense management
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours after booking
  • Track unused tickets for use on next trip
  • Full reporting on travel spend
Simplify Travel for Employees

When your employees login, Certify Travel 2.0 knows who they are, their frequent flyer numbers, travel preferences, and your company's policies. The search process for flights, hotels, and car rentals is quick and flexible. And you’ll know they are finding the best pricing: All travel costs are based on the best available rates in the market, and your corporate partnership rates are populated in the system. If your employee has an unused ticket, Certify Travel applies it to their next flight. Why use multiple systems to manage corporate travel and expenses? Certify makes it easy.

Provide Great Tools for Accounting and Travel Managers

For one low monthly fee, Certify Travel 2.0 can help your company streamline travel management and save money on travel. By ensuring that employees book only the best available rates or your corporate rates, you’ll know they are shopping smart. By limiting travel search results to options within your company policy, and by requiring pre-trip approvals, you’ll stop violations before they happen. All this, with a full report that helps forecast your total spend, means you’ll be managing a well-oiled corporate travel machine.

Enjoy Awesome User Support

And when you need full service agent support, Certify Travel 2.0 delivers with 24x7 coverage. From simple questions to missed flights to international travel, our dedicated travel agents will help you get to your final destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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