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Physician Payments Sunshine Act Compliance With Certify
Sunshine Act Compliance with Certify
Use Certify to track physician spend in compliance with the new regulations stated within the Physician Payments Sunshine Act.
  • Instant Integration with the NPI Registry
  • Mobile Access to the NPI Registry
  • Create Federally Required Reports Instantly
  • Integrate with your Current Accounting System

Track Physician Spend for the Sunshine Act Easily with Certify
With Certify’s innovative expense solution, employees can easily submit expenses related to physician spend, while managers can track and report on all NPI expense data from one simple, web-based system. When it’s time to report total healthcare provider spend to the Department of Heath and Human Services, simply export the NPI Expense Report from your Certify account as a CSV or Excel file.
Download the Certify’s Sunshine Act Compliance Product Overview PDF
NPI Database Integration provides Instant Reporting for Sunshine Act Compliance
Certify customers utilizing Certify’s NPI integration are able to track T&E expenses and link expenses with specific Physician and Organization NPI records. Complete integration with the United States NPI database allows you to generate the required federal reports.

Key Certify Features for Sunshine Act Compliance
  • Link multiple physicians to a single expense
  • Search for physicians and link them to an expense
  • Generate federally required reports instantly
  • Certify’s NPI Database updated monthly
  • Mobile tools for tracking physician spend on the go
Sunshine Act NPI
Mobile Access to NPI database for On-The-Go Functionality
With a dynamic integration to the U.S. federal NPI database, Certify helps simplify and speed up expense tracking and receipt management for compliance with the Sunshine Act. Users have the ability to create and edit expense details within the web-based Certify platform, searching and selecting individual physicians to tie to a specific expense. Along with the web-based NPI functionality, Certify has integrated its mobile application to the U.S. federal NPI database, allowing users to track and manage receipts and expenses for Sunshine Act compliance while on the go.
Using the Certify Mobile application, users select the expense category "Meals NPI," enter expense details and tap the Find button to look up and select the appropriate physician(s). See just how easy Sunshine Act compliance can be with Certify Mobile: Certify Mobile NPI Integration
Instant Access to Federally Required Reports for Sunshine Act Compliance
Certify has developed reporting specific to the Sunshine Act, allowing companies to report all physician spend by employee, date, category, expense total, NPI, and physical name and address, ensuring compliance with all federal reporting. The NPI expense data is dynamic, allowing the manager to get up-to-the-minute reporting on all physician payments.
NPI Clients using the NPI integration within Certify can create a detailed report of all expenses related to NPI records in seconds. This report helps to facilitate compliance with the U.S. federal physician payments Sunshine Act.
NPI The comprehensive NPI Expense Analysis report allows managers and accountants to view all expenses tied to NPI records. The report includes the NPI (National Provider Identifier), Physician Name, Practice Address, Primary Specialty Name, License Number, and more.
Certify securely stores all of your data, allowing you to be worry-free knowing you are compliant with the Sunshine Act.
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