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Expense Management Case Study - iCad
Quickly Expanding Company Outgrows Microsoft Excel, Moves to Automation
Certify’s Streamlined Functionality Brings Client into Future of Expense Management
The Move to 100% Electronic Expense Management with Certify
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Leveraging New Technology to Simplify Expense Report Management for Employees and Managers
Taming the Travel & Entertainment Expense Beast: Benchmarks & Best Practices
Certify SpendSmart Report: Q3, 2014 [Infographic]
New Technologies and Best Practices in Expense Management: Insights to Drive Growth
2015 T&E Expense Benchmarking: Are Your Employees Splurging on the Company Dime?
2015 Travel & Expense Management Trends & Outlook
The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2014
A Guide to Effective Expense Management Strategies for 2015
Certify SpendSmart Report Q4 2014
Understanding the Sunshine Act & Its Affects on Organizations How Does Your Businesses Expense Management Process Stack Up?
Customer Success
Case Study - Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company
Certify SpendSmart Report Q2 2014
Certify SpendSmart Report: Q2, 2013 [Infographic]
The Future of Expense Management: Auto-Generated Expense Reports: True Expense Report Automation
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report
A CFO's Guide to Expense Management Software: Best practices to drive down costs and increase visibility into T&E Spend in 2014
Travel & Expense Management Trends for 2014
Infographic - 2014 Travel & Expense Trends
Infographic - Costliest Cities For Business Travel
Why choose Certify?
Is Cloud-Based Expense Management Right for You?
SpendSmart Report
Recorded Webinar
SpendSmart Report
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report Q1 2016
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report Q3 2015
Infographic - Ride Hailing Continues to Rise
Travel & Expense Management Trends and Benchmarks for 2016
Recorded Webinar
Recorded Webinar
Recorded Webinar
Recorded Webinar
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report Q2 2016
Infographic - Ride Hailing Continues to Rise
G2 Crowd Expense Management Research Report for 2016
Recorded Webinar
Recorded Webinar
Recorded Webinar
Infographic - AP Benchmarks for 2016
SpendSmart Report
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report Q3 2016
Recorded Webinar
6 Steps to Switch to Automated Expense Management
The Top 10 Craziest Expenses of 2016
2017 Expense Management Trends & Data [Infographic]
G2 Crowd Certify vs. Concur Software Comparison
Certify Helps Company Prepare and Comply with New Sunshine Act Regulation
Certify To Save Employees Time While Reducing Overall Expense Management Costs by 50%
Infographic - Sushine Act Increasing Transparency
Sharing the Road: Business Travelers Increasingly Choose Uber [Infographic]
How to Improve Control, Compliance and Process Efficiency in The Modern Workplace
T&E Trends for 2015: How Does Your Business' Expense Management Process Stack Up?
Infographic: Small Business Expense Management Trends
Recorded Webinar
What Business Travelers Prefer [Infographic]
What Business Travelers Prefer
Certify SpendSmart Report Q1 2015
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report Q2 2015
Room for More: Business Travelers Embrace the Sharing Economy [Infographic]
How to Establish a Successful T&E Policy and Improve Control Using GSA Per Diem Rate
Strategies to Control T&E Spending and Improve Compliance with Corporate Policy
Occupational Fraud in T&E Expense Management
Automating for the Future: 5 Ways Using Excel Spreadsheets for Expense Reports is Eroding Profits & Productivity
How to Gain Control, Reduce Fraud & Increase Efficiency in the Modern Workplace
Expense Management: Best Practices and Benchmarking for 2015
5 Reasons Not to Use Excel Spreadsheets for Expense Reporting
Certify SpendSmart Report Q2 2015
What Business Travelers Prefer [Infographic]
The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2015 [Infographic]
T&E Management: Comparing Spreadsheets with Expense Report Automation
2016 Expense Management Trends
Travel & Expense Trends and Benchmarks for 2016
Video Archives
The Changing State of Business Travel [Infographic]
Infographic - Certify SpendSmart Report Q4 2015
Travel and Entertainment Expense Management Trends for 2016
Case Studies
White Papers
Interactive Content
2016 Small Business Expense Reporting Trends
2016 Enterprise Expense Reporting Trends
Certify SpendSmart Report: Q3, 2013 [Infographic]
Recorded Webinar - Top Business Traveler Spend Trends
My dog ate my receipt – and other bad excuses for an expense
The Ultimate Technology Showdown: Manual Process Vs. Web-Based Expense Management
Infographic - 15 Reasons to Use Certify for Your T&E Management
The Top 10 Craziest Business Expenses of 2013
Infographic - The Modern Business Traveler
Infographic - How Fully Automated Expense Reporting Works
Infographic - The Average Cost of Business Travel
Expense Management Trends in Small to Mid-Sized Business
The Benefits of Using Certify
Certify SpendSmart Report Q1 2014
Certify SpendSmart Report Q3 2014
Certify SpendSmart Report: Q4, 2014 [Infographic]
Certify SpendSmart Report Q1 2013
Certify SpendSmart Report Q4 2013
Certify SpendSmart Report Q3 2013
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Certify SpendSmart Report Q2 2013
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