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Simplified Expense Management for the Busy Traveler
Whether you are switching from spreadsheets, or have grown tired using other clunky competitor systems, Certify will simplify and automate your expense reporting process.
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Expense Management with Certify
Certify makes expense management easy by automating the creation of the expense report for the employee, providing an online review and approval process for managers, and streamlining the reconciliation and reimbursement process for accountants.
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Solution
  • Paperless Process
  • Full Automation
  • Scalable to Fit All Organizations
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The Importance of Expense Management
Expense management is a fundamental component of running a business. Organizations of all kinds have expenses that they must track. Whether it’s something as routine as payroll or an extravagant one-time business trip, keeping close tabs on corporate spending is essential. Expense management can help you manage your company’s finances on a regular basis, assist you in making difficult fiscal decisions, and ease the burden of tax season, which can be stressful for all. Expense management is an absolute must in today’s business world, and Certify offers software solutions that can help any company handle its financial needs.
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Expense Reports are Going Paperless
In the past, expense reporting was a matter of putting every dollar down on paper. Luckily, that’s no longer the case - writing out expense reports was an arduous process, and it made staying organized a tricky proposition. No one wants to spend hours sifting through folders full of loose papers to find an invoice or receipt, and thanks to recent advances in expense reporting technology, they no longer have to. Certify offers an automated approach, allowing customers to computerize their reports and save them for easy access later.
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Expense Management in the Cloud
Simply being able to save expense reports on a computer is no longer enough. Today’s businesses demand more flexibility than that. By managing your expense reporting in the cloud, you can make your financial documents more accessible and sharable. Cloud computing is a simple concept - rather than saving files on a computer, you can put them online and enable access from anywhere. The cloud is especially important in the current corporate climate, because today’s businessmen and women are always traveling. By employing cloud solutions, you can examine your expenses on the road with a laptop or even a smartphone. Not only does Certify offer cloud solutions, but it produces mobile applications for on the go access as well.
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Travel Expense Management Made Easy
Business travel presents, arguably, the most challenging aspect of expense management. A typical trip can include dozens of expenditures, big and small - airfare, lodging, ground transportation, meals and more. Each one of those purchases comes with a receipt, and each receipt means more paperwork. Some of the expenses are tax-deductible, and some aren’t. All in all, it’s a great deal of financial information to sift through. Luckily, Certify’s products are designed for the busy business traveler - software packages are available for recording all expenses, as is an integrated booking solution that helps business travelers to plan future trips. Business trips can be stressful - let Certify ease the burden of your hectic travel schedule.
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Expense Reporting for Employees and Managers Alike
The ideal expense management solution is one that enables employees to share data with their superiors and vice versa. Certify makes this easy - our software solutions include a review and approval mechanism that allows managers to sign off on expense reports within seconds.
Flagged Expense
Certify also makes it easy for your company’s accounts to review those approvals and process reports quickly and painlessly for reimbursement. Furthermore, the software enables easy integration with corporate credit cards, giving business travelers another convenient option for payment processing.
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Without the right software tools for monitoring and organizing your business’s expenditures, you’re wasting precious time and money. Consider Certify for all of your corporate expense reporting needs - if, that is, you haven’t already.
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