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Introducing Defined Second Level Approvals
Introducing Defined Second Level Approvals
September 16, 2014
Certify recently enhanced our locked approval workflow to allow specific second level approvers! So if you are a Certify Administrator and you want to specify who approves expense reports for a specific employee, a specific department, or the entire organization, you can easily make those changes by simply updating the approval workflow in Certify. There are several options available for Certify Administrators to set up second level approvers: The default setting automatically routes from the first level approver to approver’s approver (i.e. the boss’s boss) if certain policy violations are triggered. Optionally, you can choose a specific second level approver for a specific employee. Another option is choosing a specific second level approver for a specific department. And yet another option is choosing a specific second level approver for the entire company. To make changes to your organization’s locked approval workflow, simply follow these steps: 1. Log into...

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September 15, 2014
Upcoming Webinar: Taming the Travel & Entertainment Expense Beast
We here at Certify have held numerous webinars that have helped organizations of all sizes. From helping the small physician’s office stay compliant with the Sunshine Act to the multinational financial corporation, Certify is no stranger to assisting the growth and success of these organizations. ...
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September 10, 2014
Introducing the Single Sign On (SSO) Feature
"Single Sign On" (or "SSO"), allows your employees to maintain a single set of login credentials for access to your organization’s applications, communication resources, and other business tools. Certify has extended SSO as a new feature for Certify Mobile. If you have not installed Certif...
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September 9, 2014
Introducing the Executive Dashboard
Certify has been making some changes and one of our biggest and most recent is Executive Dashboard! Created specifically for those with Manager, Executive, and Accountant roles within Certify, Executive Dashboard shows you expense management performance data in the form of colorful charts that autom...
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September 5, 2014
Travel Expense Management Poses Serious Threat to College Sports Budgets
If you're a college sports fan , you've no doubt taken notice at the large-scale realignments that have taken place in recent years across the nation, with schools moving to new conferences in a never-ending game of musical chairs. For the programs and their fans, it's fun - teams have new match...
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September 2, 2014
6 Must See Webinars and Webcasts for the Modern Day Accounting Professional
We here at Certify love to host webinars, because we know that knowledge is best shared in a conversation. Webinars provide an in depth learning tool that allows any modern day professional to learn in an active conversation, while teaching others tips and tricks of the trade. But more than any...
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August 28, 2014
Why Certify Mobile is the App for You and Your Business
When it comes to making work easier for your employees, you want to ensure that they're given supplemental resources for things that they already have. And one item that virtually every person has these days is a smartphone or mobile device. According to a number of different polls, not only a...
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August 25, 2014
Top Signs of Expense Reimbursement Fraud (and How to Stop it from Happening)
Any company that sends employees on business trips has to have some sort of expense management so travel costs are reimbursed. These companies also have to be concerned with reimbursement fraud, as employees might try and pull a fast one and report an expense that wasn't for business purposes. ...
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August 22, 2014
Make Your Next Business Trip Fuss-Free with Certify
From Booking to Kayak, TripAdvisor to Expedia, there's no shortage of online travel websites that you and your employees have likely spent a lot of time on, setting up the next business trip on the schedule. As helpful as these website may be however - especially compared to what the booking process...
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August 21, 2014
Your Company and the Sunshine Act
When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, the face of health care in the United States went through a massive change in a number of ways, for both consumers and business owners. If you own a company, you likely know about this all too well. And one of the biggest adjustments has t...
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August 19, 2014
Mobile Apps Can Make Travel Expense Management Easier
While travel expense management may be a challenge, mobile technology is changing the process for the better. Workers are able to use smartphones and tablets for all their business travel needs, from booking to record-keeping, and it's led to an increase in productivity in the workplace. Not ev...
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