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Forecasted Corporate Travel Costs for 2015
Forecasted Corporate Travel Costs for 2015
December 12, 2014
Corporate travel expenses can quickly add up, especially for companies with several frequent travelers, or small businesses with limited travel budgets. According to the 2015 Global Travel Price Outlook report released by the Global Business Travelers Association (GBTA) and Carlson Wagonlit Travel, global corporate travel spend reached $1.1 trillion in 2013 and is expected to increase by 6.9% and 8.6% in 2014 and 2015, respectively. The report forecasted U.S.-specific increases of 6.8% for 2014 and 5.9% for 2015. In 2014’s third quarter alone, the average cost of a domestic trip rose by 4% to $1,002 over 2013 Q3, according to a study by Travel Leaders Corporate. Factors in the increase include: Average hotel rate: 4% increaseAverage airline ticket: 2% increaseAverage car rental cost per day: 1% increase What to Expect in 2015 While the projected 5.9% rise in domestic business travel costs is much lower than the global 8.6%, we anticipate the increase will be in part due to a shift...

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December 10, 2014
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December 4, 2014
Streamline Insights Into T&E Spend
Whether you’re a traveling employee, a manager, an accountant, or an executive—there’s a good chance expense reporting has an affect on your position. With manual expense management, insights must be gathered through spreadsheet data entry and manual analysis. Not only is manual expense management a...
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December 2, 2014
The Value of a Conference Room Pilot
When implementing a new software or company-wide system, many organizations conduct a conference room pilot as part of the vendor selection process. An effective conference room pilot allows users to fully test the software, ask questions, document processes, and identify and resolve pain points. ...
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November 24, 2014
Expense Deductions: Your Corporate Gift Guide
There are plenty of reasons your company would give a corporate gift: spreading seasonal cheer, thanking a valued client, or celebrating professional achievements. Organizations can certainly benefit—not only from fostering client or employee relationships—but also from IRS-defined deductions. As th...
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November 18, 2014
Introducing Mobile Create and Submit
Breaking news: For those of you who aren’t currently using ReportExecutive for auto-generated expense reports, Certify has created a great new feature that will make expense reporting even easier. Introducing Certify Mobile Create and Submit, the new feature that allows you to create and submit expe...
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November 14, 2014
3 Ways to Avoid Road Warrior Weariness
Road warriors are no strangers to burning out: your physical health, your stress levels, and your downtime are all affected by frequent business travel. We’ve come up with a few relevant tips to make the most of your time on the road, becoming a healthy, organized, tech-savvy traveler. 1. Take c...
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November 12, 2014
Rising Corporate Hotel Rates & New Booking Strategies for 2015
Supply & Demand: Corporate Rates on the Rise Recent research led by Bjorn Hanson at the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism and the School of Professional Studies shows that negotiated rates are on the rise for 2015. Due to business meeting demand and a corporate rate growth pla...
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November 6, 2014
AFP Annual Conference 2014: The Highlights
Certify kicked off November exhibiting at the 2014 AFP Annual Conference (Association for Financial Professionals) in Washington, D.C. With nearly 7,000 attendees, the conference fostered countless relationships and conversations, learning opportunities, and—of course—a chance to stock up on exhibit...
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October 28, 2014
Webinar with H&R Block: Highlights and Takeaways
On October 14th, we co-presented a webinar with Tim Harrison of H&R Block, discussing the large-scale switch from manual expense management to a fully automated process. Certify’s President and Co-Founder, Bob Neveu, shared the data-backed benefits of using cloud-based expense management software, w...
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October 22, 2014
Seamless and Uber Continue To Rise in Popularity for Big Cities
The SpendSmart™ Report is a quarterly report by Certify that rounds up some of the biggest trends in business travel spend. As we have previously discussed, Starbucks continues to be the number one expensed restaurant in the US, beating out other popular brands such as McDonalds, Subways, and Pane...
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