VitaPlus’ Upgrade to An Efficient Expense Management System

VitaPlus’ Upgrade to An Efficient Expense Management System

VitaPlus had once before set out to streamline its T&E reporting process, but the system that they first implemented simply didn't fit the needs of the company. After the software vendor issued an upgrade in 2010, the company found the system too large and complex for its needs. And as an agricultural food manufacturing company with territory spanning across the entire Midwest, VitaPlus knew that they needed to have a system that was user friendly and worked well with their travel needs.

Complaints on the rise

Prior to VitaPlus's adoption of Certify, the company struggled with numerous issues surrounding their old software. With over 250 expense reports to process each month, largely from gas mileage and meals on the road, the company administrators were in way over their heads. The system proved too complicated for users, and because of that, employees frequently submitted their expense reports late. Reporting costs continued to rise, as did the number of complaints.

Benefiting from a change

Finally, VitaPlus found their answer with Certify, and quickly began seeing positive results. Immediately, the company realized cost benefits, since Certify was 50% cheaper than the previous system. Additionally, because the new process proved easy-to-use, employees could navigate the process with little-to-no confusion. “Employees can figure it out on their own and that includes everyone from accountants to our truck drivers,” explains Controller of VitaPlus, Deb Messinger.

Along with rapid deployment and no required staff training, VitaPlus appreciates other benefits such as:
  • Faster reimbursement: Because it takes less time to create expense reports using Certify, VitaPlus employees are getting reimbursed up to 14 days faster. Plus, Certify's corporate credit card integration helps the company to gather information in minutes, eliminating the need to match expenses with credit card charges.
  • Built-in expense deadlines: VitaPlus utilizes Certify's expense reporting deadlines, helping ensure both compliance and timely submittal. This leads to fewer late reports, and an easier reconciliation process.
  • Mobile app capability: Many of the salespeople use Certify Mobile to scan images and receipts into the Certify wallet, making it easy to keep track of expenses.
Now with Certify, VitaPlus is benefiting from a faster, easier, more efficient T&E reporting system. Messinger explains, “We are so thrilled that we found an expense management solution that meets our needs but is also easy for all of our employees. Certify is saving our accounting department so much time and our employees are getting paid much faster today.”

With thousands of Certify users and satisfied customers around the globe, VitaPlus is just one example of a company benefiting from expense management software. Check out more success stories with Certify.